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Bryson DeChambeau To Be Investigated By Tour



After the internet had a frenzy with the mad scientist, for using a compass while looking at his yardage book during the third round on Saturday, PGA Tour officials decided they needed to get involved. I guess DeChambeau's been using the compass for years now, but I'm just surprised it took this long to come to surface. 


Apparently the yardage books the players receive aren't true enough for Bryson's liking?? Come on man. That's a slap in the face to whomever's job it is to create those books. I don't mind that his approach to the game is FAR different than most golfers. It's pretty much his identity now and he created it for himself whether he likes it or not. But this is ridiculous and maybe taking it too far. 

If you're good, you're good. I don't see a compass improving your game enough where this is necessary.

I don't see anything happening to Bryson when this investigation is over either. I'm laughing at the fact I'm even writing that he's getting investigated for using a compass on the course. If I had a compass for the links, the only direction I would need it to point me to would be to the 19th hole.     

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