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John Daly Withdraws From U.S. Senior Open After Requesting To Use Cart

John Daly has been battling a deteriorating right knee for a while now after he injured it at the end of 2017, so 'Long John' requested the use of a cart during the U.S. Senior Open to help him cope with the pain.

He was granted access to a cart during last week's American Family Insurance Championship, so he figured why wouldn't he be granted access for one of the biggest championships on the PGA Tour Champions. 

However, the USGA had other ideas:


The USGA claims they "offered Mr. Daly the opportunity to provide additional information to support his request for a cart. He informed us this morning that he decided to withdraw."


According to Daly's attorney's, he was eligible under the American Disabilities Act (ADA) to use a cart, but apparently the USGA thought his injury wasn't severe enough to grant him the use of a cart. 

Daly fired back stating, "I've been fighting this (injury) for so long and it's my career they're screwing around with here. I'm pissed because I've been playing good golf and I want to play golf, that's what I do for a living. But you know, you can't walk 18 holes, you can't walk 18 holes."  

I can't blame him either. He finished in the top 10 last week at the American Family Insurance Championship and wants to continue this good stretch of golf he has going. 

My argument is I just don't understand how the USGA thought it was ok to deny his request. This is one of the PGA Tour Champions biggest attractions for every tournament he plays in and you're going to deny him a cart because it doesn't seem sever enough to you? 

He was limping off the course last Sunday! His knee is clearly bothering him and if you watched the tournament, you could see it in his tee shots that he wasn't balanced since he had to counter the pain he was feeling. 

'Wild Thing' wasn't quite done with the USGA when he said this on Twitter yesterday:


Makes you think what exactly is going on over at the USGA, especially after the debacle at the U.S. Open. 


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