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Tiger-Phil Pairing At The Ryder Cup? "Not A Good Idea"


Team USA Captain Jim Furyk, when asked whether or not he had given the thought of pairing Tiger and Phil together for the Ryder Cup later this year in Paris if they both make the team, laughed off the idea of putting the two generational icons together. 

Tiger and Phil had been paired before, during the 2004 Ryder Cup, where they were both considered to be the top 2 players for Team USA. So why would this be a bad decision?

Well, perhaps putting the two together would result in pretty much an automatic victory once they hit the first tee against whoever their opponents were. However, both Tiger and Phil lost the two matches they were paired together with, and Team USA went on to get routed 18.5-9.5 on home turf nonetheless.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson at the 2004 Ryder Cup

Tiger and Phil haven't had the most smooth past with one another, and in 2004 it really showed the two didn't have the greatest chemistry with another. Although it being 2018 now, as Tiger and Phil both have become seasoned Tour veterans, the two have definitely gained more of an appreciation and respect for one another.      

Even if not given a roster spot, Tiger will find himself repping the red, white, and blue in Paris as Furyk has given him the honors as one of his vice captains. Woods currently has a Ryder Cup ranking of 39 while Mickelson sits 10th as he fights for one of 8 spots that earn an automatic bid to the Ryder Cup.

 "I wouldn't guess that would be a good idea as captain, I'm just saying," Furyk stated. So, don't expect to see the two paired together if given the opportunity. 

PS: one of my favorite Tiger/Phil interactions here    


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