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Men's TourFlex Elite 360 Jacket - Zip-Off Sleeves

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  • Made from stretch waterproof outer and 4-way stretch lining allowing freedom of movement and breathability
  • Removable zip-off sleeves making ideal for year-round use
  • Breathable, lightweight, and quiet for to eliminate swing distractions
  • Quick-dry and moisture wicking technology
  • 3 year waterproof guarantee

The TourFlex Elite 360 waterproofs feature an anti-crease polyester outer fabric treated with PU (polyurethane) laminate and woven with elastane to make the fabric stretch. The top is designed to minimise interference during the golf swing by stretching in sync with the body’s movement.

The dense lightweight weave of the fabric is highly breathable. It draws moisture and air away from base or mid layer garments for enhanced comfort, effectively performing like a second skin.

TourFlex Elite 360 playing top has zip-off sleeves giving the golfer the option to play with their forearms completely unrestricted. The benefit of the zip-off sleeves is the playing top is ideal for year-round use. It can be worn unzipped over a polo shirt on rainy summer days as well as providing the complete protection of a waterproof jacket in winter.

The TourFlex Elite 360 suit is rustle-free to ensure players experience no noise distraction during the swing. The light polyester outer fabric makes the suit ultra-lightweight and perfect for packing into a golf bag. When the suit is unfolded from storage, the creases quickly drop out, leaving you looking great on the golf course.

This product is machine washable.

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