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The Proquip Way

The "Proquip Way" is to source the lightest, quietest, and softest fabrics available to us and then apply coatings, lamination and membrane technology that make our suits feather soft, virtually silent to swing in and supremely light to wear and carry.  

Other manufacturers utilize fabrics that are proven to excel in outdoor pursuits.  We believe they are too noisy, stiff and heavy for the unique demands of the golf swing, regardless of how long they are guaranteed to stay waterproof.

Proquip products are built to last and engineered to perform on the golf course with the sole goal of helping you play your best anywhere in any weather.

Our clothing range performs best as a layering system, from compression base layers to water-repellent wool layers to highly breathable waterproof and windproof outer layers and highly breathable waterproof and windproof outer shells.

Each garment is designed to work in harmony with the others, allowing air to escape and move between the layers and preventing the buildup of cold sweat that reduces core body temperature and leaves you feeling cold.

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