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Best Rain Gear of 2017

MyGolfSpy is an independent organization focused on providing unbiased information to the golf community. MGS prides itself on its mission: to inform and protect the golf consumer so they get the most out of their money, time, and performance. 

This June, MGS released their “Best Rain Gear of 2017” report. 


As part of their data-driven protocols, MGS sampled 19 jackets and 19 pants — in wet and dry conditions. Each item was rated on its comfort, waterproof, breathability, price, and fit. 

“ProQuip has done a nice job of modernizing the classic rain suit”, reported MGS. “The net fabric on the inside of the jacket limits the noise of the suit during the swing. The elastic in the pants stretches the perfect amount.”

Two of ProQuip's suits ranked in the top 10, while our PX5 StormForce suit received top ratings. This premium waterproof suit was awarded “Best Buy” and “Best in Class”outperforming some of the biggest names in golf outerwear. 


We’ve been engineering golf rain gear for over 30 years. Our products have been chosen for “battle” by over 20 Ryder Cup teams — US and EU alike. ProQuip is a well known, trusted brand in the international golf community.

ProQuip’s products are designed for play in the most extreme weather conditions. We use lightweight, proprietary fabrics to keep the elements out while promoting breathability. And, our Swing-Silent technology will make you forget you’re wearing durable outerwear. 

If the professionals trust and rely on our gear, we assume you’ll love it too!  

View the award-winning jacket: PX5 stormFORCE Jacket
View the award-winning pants: PX5 stormFORCE Pants