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About ProQuip

ProQuip represents the very highest standards in performance golf outerwear (golf rain gear, golf wind gear, golf rain pants), providing golfers across the globe, including past American European Ryder Cup Teams, with state-of-the-art, agenda-setting technical garments to cope with every type of weather condition.

ProQuip is one of the highest profile golf brands in the world and is proud to have been the Preferred Supplier to more Ryder Cup teams, European and US, than any other outerwear manufacturer. ProQuip has been ahead of the game in golf outerwear for more than 25 years, and is internationally known as the serious golfer's choice in both wind and water-proof garments. All garments come in a wide range of sizes and colors. Every ProQuip rain proof jackets and pants are guaranteed for three years.

ProQuip is committed to supplying golfers with high performance technical outerwear and legendary service.

For nearly 30 years, ProQuip has been helping the world's top professionals and committed club golfers to perform their best and look outstanding in all weather conditions.

Our award-winning designs, featuring exclusively- developed fabrics not available from other brands (all ProQuip waterproofs carry a 3 year Guarantee), are renowned for their ultra light weight, quietness, comfort and waterproof-breathable performance.

ProQuip uses Hydrophillic Technology , i.e. Water Based Lamination technique , because we value the attributes that this technology produces.

These attributes are the softness , weight , quietness and playability. ProQuip rain jackets and pants deliver all of these while being completely water proof and guaranteed for 3 years.

The best illustration of a ProQuip rain suit in action is the Ryder Cup.

The last 5 European Ryder Cup Teams have chosen rain suits produced by ProQuip and in Ireland in 2006 and Wales in 2010, our outerwear performed in the toughest of weather conditions.

If ProQuip is good enough for the best players in the world, then all golfers can rely on ProQuip technology for all weather conditions. The men's and ladies waterproof range uses waterproof outer technology. This means water cannot penetrate the surface fabric but perspiration can get out, resulting in outstanding breathability.